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Barcelona Medical Agency

Barcelona Medical Agency is an organisation that brings together Barcelona's leading hospitals, internationally renowned for clinical expertise, in a city famous for taking the lead which boasts one of the most respected healthcare systems in the world.

With an international reputation for providing the highest standard of medical care, Barcelona Medical Agency has consolidated the expertise of its partners under one single enterprise. The following institutions currently form part of the group:

  • Hospital Quirón
  • Centro Médico Teknon
  • Hospital Universitari Quirón Dexeus
  • Barnaclinic - Grupo Hospital Clinic
  • Hospital Sant Joan de Déu
  • Institut Guttmann
  • Fundació Puigvert

The complementary nature of the organisation's partners provides a comprehensive portfolio of services that includes all medical areas, from the most general to the most specialised and cutting-edge, characterised by innovation and clinical excellence, delivered by physicians of international renown in their respective specialities, in first-class facilities boasting state-of-the-art equipment. You can contact with each hospital here.

These aspects, combined with the city’s appeal, make Barcelona Medical Agency one of the leading healthcare options for people from many parts of the world who simply want the best possible medical care. Personalised, safe and effective care based on scientific evidence, with the highest standards in technical and scientific quality, performed by the most skilled medical and healthcare professionals with the most advanced technologies available in the world today, in modern, comfortable clinic and hotel facilities. This enterprise boasts the full commitment to human, scientific and technical quality of all the expertly skilled medical and healthcare professional teams who staff the different associated hospitals.

In addition to providing its medical services to overseas patients from all corners of the world, Barcelona Medical Agency has the following objectives:

  1. To promote both the group's hospitals and Catalan medicine overseas.
  2. To cultivate partnerships and agreements with other organisations and institutions, both public and private, interested in contributing to the international promotion of Barcelona as one of the leading centres for the highest quality medical care.

Barcelona Medical Agency is committed to people's health and medical excellence in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

We collaborate with Barcelona Medical Destination

We and our members collaborate with Barcelona Medical Destination, a program launched  to promote Catalonia as a destination of specialized medical care, based on the excellence of the centers of our country and particularly of the city of Barcelona.