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Legal Advise

To the effects of the article 10 of the Law 34/2002, as from July 11’th, of the Services of the Information society and of the Electronic commerce, we inform the user that the owner of the web site is the ASSOCIATION BARCELONA MEDICAL AGENCY (further on, BMA), with registered office in Barcelona (08007), Paseo de Gracia 48, 1bis 2ª; provided with N.I.F. Nº G66205204; and with electronic address Its articles of association are inscribed in the 1st Section of the Registry of Associations of Generalitat de Catalunya.

Use and services of the web site

The user will be able to choose what language (Spanish, English or Russian) he wants to access the contents of the web, as well as the management of all the services offered on it.

The user promises to make a diligent use of the web site and of the accessible services of the same one and not to use the services or informations contained on the web site to develop activities opposite to the laws, to the morality and to the good customs, to the public order and, in general, to make a use in accordance with the present legal advise.

BMA will be able to interrupt temporarily or definitely, according to its good criterion, the access to the web site, as well as Access to any or all of the services offered on the same one, at any moment and without previous notice.


This web site has as a purpose to facilitate the knowledge of the activities and services that BMA offers. BMA reserves the right to do, at any moment and without previous notice, modifications of the contents and presentation of their web site.

Information contained on this web site is of informative character and in no case it intends to be a substitute of the professional medical advice. None of the contents published on this web site can be used for the diagnosis or medical treatment. BMA, therefore will not assume any responsibility in case of inadequate use of the contents of the web site.

Rights of Intellectual and Industrial Property

BMA (or their licenciates, in case if they exist) are the owners of the rights of Intellectual and Industrial Property of all the contents of this web site. In any case, BMA has the corresponding authorization to use its contents as it can be convinient.

It’s totally prohibited to reproduce, except for private use, to put at the disposal of the public and in general any other form of use of all or part of the contents of this web site, as well as its design. The said above can be used only by means of authorization on behalf of BMA and always when the explicit reference to the ownership of BMA of the above mentioned rights of Intellectual property is done.

It remains totally prohibited to realize, without previous concent of BMA, to manipulate or change any content of this web site. Consiquently, BMA will not assume any responsibility, which derrives from the above mentioned alteration or manipulation on behalf of the third party.

Limitation of the responsibility

BMA does not guarantee to the user the availability, access or continuity in the connection to the web site and in the supply of information or any of the different services offered  on the same one. Consequently, BMA and any possible provider of contents will not be responsible in case of any interruptions of the service, delays, bad functioning, and in general, any disadvantage due to the fault of BMA or providers, or if it comes from a fraudulent or malicious performance of the user, or force majeure. BMA does not also guarantee the utility, obtaining of the results or infallibility of the contents offered on the web, which in any case has an orientative and informational character. The above mentioned information was obtained from the sources reasonably considered as trustworthy, but they must not be presumed in any case as infallible, as they are to be confirmed by other sources, before any decisión or opinión is applied by the user. All the opinions, measures or investments or acts of any other type adopted by the user, will be of his exclusive risk and responsibility.

BMA does not assume any responsibility derived from the use on behalf of the user of the contents of the web site, the right to modify, to substitute, to update, to renew, prevent the access, interrupt, to block, to suspend temporarily or to cancel with definitive character any service, supply of information or any other content, concerning a concrete user or in general is reserved by BMA.

Unless the opposite is established in each case, BMA does not intervene, takes part, does not asume any guarantee concerning the services or products offered by the third providers which are available by means of hiperenlinks of advertizing frames.